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I stumbled upon this site while scouring my fav design blogs.  The shop carries very interesting antique and vintage pieces such as hotel silver and chandeliers.  They even have this beautiful French CROWN!



I would buy everything in her shop if I could.  She also has a blog that is linked on the shop’s site.  This is definitely a site to keep your eye on!


I’ve also been swooning over this print at William Sonoma Home.  I love this type of art!  There are 2 other drawings in the series as well.



Good Tea & Good Food

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Last night, my husband and I had dinner at the River House Tea Room… by far my absolute  favorite restaurant in the area! The atmosphere is great for the ladies but the food is good enough to keep the men coming back as well.   Anyway, they brew different flavored iced teas every day… I believe they are all Harney & Sons.  I always stock up on quite a few bags of the peach, black currant, blueberry, and raspberry. They’re just so refreshing!  If only I could get them to sell it to me at wholesale pricing! teehee

Check out both sites and please stop by the the Tea Room if you are ever in the area!


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Hello World!  Welcome to my blog!  I started this with the intent of using it to keep track of my design inspirations but I think I’ll also blog about all things beautiful, classy, or domestic. 

I’ll start with a few facts about myself…

I live in Texas but am not a Texan at heart.

I love classy things like pearls and pashminas.

I plan on traveling ALOT and experiencing other cultures.

I love tea… both iced and hot.

I married my best friend on May 17, 2008.

I love to cook… I think the best chefs are the ones who can throw together a  meal with just random ingredients and no set recipe.

I have a sewing machine that cost a small fortune… but I don’t know how to sew.

My least favorite chore is washing dishes.

I love formal decor.


That’s all for now…